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Holiday Gift Guide for Her 2014

Good day, one and all! It is 11 days till Christmas and I’ve decided to put together a quick little gift guide for you if you are still scrambling around for gift ideas.

I guess I can call this a "favourites" list as well, since I have tried & own most of the products mentioned and can vouch for their quality.

I have put the prices as well to give you an idea on their cost, not including the shipping fee, so keep that in mind if you intend to purchase online. You'll notice it jumps back and forth between $ and £ because I browsed many websites looking for some of the items. Oh, and one random €! I've added little tidbits on some to give you more suggestions from the same category.

Oh I know, most of the items I've listed are expensive and not everyone can splurge like crazy. I wept as I typed them in. Want. Need. Where's Money. So I've scoured around Pinterest for some fun DIY projects you can do instead! You will find that at the bottom of the post.

I hope you like it! Happy shopping & happy DIY-ing!

Soap & Glory’s Soap For The Best Gift Set - I love Soap & Glory! I've been using their lotion & bath products for over 5 years now and I love the way it makes my skin feel after a shower. Smooth skin, anyone? This gift set contains four minis of their classics. These are their shower gel, body scrub, body butter and hand cream. They smell divine! A perfect starter pack for anyone who would like to try them out!

Make Up For Ever HD Complexion Starter Kit - One of my favourite makeup brands ever, this starter kit is a perfect gift to the makeup lover in your life. I personally use all the products mentioned in this kit and I am always satisfied with the results. This is great for when you know you will be pictured with an HD camera, just saying! Pores begone! This kit contains their HD Microfinish Powder, HD Microperfecting Primer, HD Invisible Cover Foundation, and an HD Kabuki Brush. Maybe they prefer a certain drugstore brand? Then you can curate your own set of their favourite makeup products and put in a cute basket.

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette - Also one of my favourite brands, their Naked Palettes are always on everyones wish lists. This palette is all about neutral eyeshadows with rosy hues. It has mattes, pearls and metallics; a lot of texture to play around with. A staple in any makeup bag. Check out their Naked and Naked2 palette for more neutral beige/browns if a rosy tone is not their thing. Multi-color palettes are available too!

Lush 12 Days of Christmas Box - I think we all know that one person in our group who is obsessed with taking long baths. Well, this small box of 12 Lush goodies would be the perfect gift! It has the ever so beautiful Golden Wonder Bath Bomb inside, a must see when dropped in water! If you're unable to find this anywhere then you may buy individual bath bombs, or their many other bath products, and wrap them yourselves in a festive box.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Love Crossbody - I just love her bags! I love the styles, the feel, everything! I think this small crossbody bag would a lovely gift for someone who is always on the go and needs something small to carry the essentials and run out the door. A bit pricey for a small bag, but if you know that she's a fan of RM then this would be lovely! Or you know, get a bigger RM bag. ;)

Mango Pebbled Pocket Bag - Can’t run around all week with a small bag so I was also on the hunt for a larger bag where you can keep more than the essentials and can use it for work as well. I came across this bag from Mango, quite affordable as well. It’s big enough to fit my 15” laptop, thin folders, wallets and other items. It has a thick detachable shoulder trap and twin top handles. It would be great for your businesswoman on the go!

Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon - Let’s add one more to our bag collection, shall we? Everyone knows this signature bag from Longchamp. As stated on their site, it is “inspired by the Japanese art of origami.” I always fold my bag when it’s not in use and it definitely saves space in storage. I own the red, medium sized tote bag and I find this bag versatile and very strong. You can fit so many things inside, I still wonder how I managed to. A small notebook, three different sized wallets, extra papers, camera, water bottle, and a shirt. It all fit! It comes in many other colours and styles and I think it would be a nice addition to anyones bag collection. *The price I listed is the price I paid for in store.

ZARA Suede High-heel Booties - Fancy shoes! I fell in love with this burgundy booties I saw in ZARA. It would look lovely under the christmas tree, wouldn’t it? Yes, it would. Love the style and it’s a perfect color for the season. But remember! It’s suede after all. Don’t bring it out in the rain! Do some investigating and find out their shoe size and favourite brand and buy them the pair they've been staring at all year. Heck, buy two pairs!

H&M Knitted Slippers - Add this with a fluffy bathrobe and those bath gift sets and you're good to go on the cosiest gift ever! I own a pair and I never want to take them off! They are so soft and keep your toes warm. A simple yet cosy gift after she opens her “fancy shoes” box. ;)

Sony Playstation 4 / Xbox One - If your loved one is stuck with last generation consoles and cry for an upgrade, why not gift them a brand spanking new one? Also, find out what their favourite games are and sneak in one to three games in the box. If you can’t splurge on games, you can gift them cash cards for their consoles online store. If you do know their favourite games, why not buy some game merchandise instead? Props, clothing, necklaces, pins, earrings, or books. Personally, I am obsessed with Assassin's Creed and my wishlist on their merchandise site is ridiculous. Maybe your friend has a wishlist too, find it out!

Apple iPad mini 3 - Apple has unleashed a new line of products once again, and this time the iPad mini 3 has caught my eye. I already have the original mini, but I would love to have the Touch ID ability on an iPad as well. Next time, I guess! This would be a lovely gift to give to your parents and grandparents as it has an easy interface to understand and navigate, and no one will be tumbling about. Skype sessions all day, everyday! It’s a gift for all ages. Figure out who is the busybody in your life and gift them a tablet to make things run smoother. Organisational apps are amazing! Of course, there are other tablet brands out there. Ask them what "OS" their phone is and go from there!

Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera RX100 III - Released a few months ago, everyone has been vying for this camera. Owning a Sony camera myself, I just love the quality of my pictures and video and would love to get this one next. This is a great camera for taking “selfies/groupies” as the screen at the back can be tilted upwards and face forwards and everyone can stare at their reflection and not look at the lens (lol!) Everything can finally be in frame, finally! If you know a Vlogger, definitely gift them this!

Travelary Travel Journal - I'm an avid traveler and one always needs a place to jot things down when out and about. Any notebook is fine, really, but I found this journal and I just love the convenience of it. It has visual checklists, tables to fill up for accommodation and transportation details, wordless signs for you to point at when the language barrier gets in the way, and other extras. Of course, there's a place to write your travel stories as well. A journal would be a lovely gift for the loved one that loves to write anytime, anywhere.

Tumi Voyageur Cortina Boarding Tote - Discovered Tumi last year and fell in love with their collection of travel bags. I've been traveling a lot since 2010 and haven't found a good carry on bag at all. So much suffering with a huge shoulder bag because I had to bring my laptop with me. I saw this boarding tote on their site when I was looking for a new travel bag and I just can't look away. I wanted it. They have many other styles as well, and I just want them all. If you know someone who is an avid traveler, then something like this would be a great gift.

Tumi Vapor® Extended Trip Packing Case - Copy paste everything I've said above! So this is the second priciest gift on this list and all I can say is this luggage is worth it. I personally prefer this type of style as I do not like my check in luggage to have pockets on the outside. So this sleek case is perfect. It's lightweight and they have their own tracer system for locating your lost or stolen items. They also have expandable luggages if that's what you're looking for. Definitely a pricey brand, but they are of amazing quality and I think it's worth it because traveling with cheaply made luggage is never a good thing. Ever.

OK. That was quite a long scroll wasn't it?! We've finally reached the DIY part! Here are some of my favourite DIY projects found on Pinterest. I'm sure you will find something fun to make and add it to your list of presents to hand out!

Clicking on the links beneath the pictures will lead you to the site of the creator and full instructions.

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