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About Me

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my little home on the internet.

My name is Maha, I'm 29 and this is what I do with my spare time.

Clouds of Mochi is a personal lifestyle blog where I share some of my favourite things which consist of fashion, beauty, travel & much more.

I am of two different ethnicities. 🇵🇭 ❤️ 🇪🇬

Since 2005, I've been wanting to start a blog and possibly a YouTube channel but I was about to start university and it hindered my little hobby. With that said, I studied Communications & Media Studies with a dash of Advertising, Marketing, and PR on the side. I'm keener on working with the creative and active side of things i.e. working in events even though it may be tiring, but it's ridiculously fun for me! If I'm not running around at an event, I would be at the desk playing around with Photoshop and taking random online courses. I am all about self-learning and I teach myself something new every day.


When it comes to fashion, my personal style is usually on the safe side. I don't really mesh well with bright colours unless the outfit design is fabulous, then I'll just brave on with it. Most of my fashion runway posts will be about the designs I love and ones that I would actually wear, ones that everyone could wear on a daily basis rather than avant-garde pieces (which could be worn for certain occasions). Therefore, you will not find complete reports/reviews of the collection on here as it is just to my personal taste. I will, however, provide a link to the full collection from the original source.


Now I'm sure we've all ransacked our mother's makeup collection at one point in our childhood. My love for makeup came from my mother as she taught me the many tips & tricks she has learned while being a beautician at the time. I may not have a certificate that labels me as a professional makeup artist, but I have been immersed in the salon industry for 15 years now as my mother owned a salon, so I have learned and picked up everything I know about beauty from this connection. When I talk about a certain product on this blog, it will be my honest opinion on whether I actually like it or not. Especially when it comes to skin care! I dislike reading false reviews about a product and I would like to avoid that on my blog and give you an honest read. Not everything will work for me of course, so when I do find something that does, I'll rave nonstop. Remember that we are all different. What may work for me, may not work for you and vice versa.


Traveling is one of my many passions. I love to wander new places, getting lost and being immersed in the atmosphere. Exploring palaces, forests, old villages, museums will never get old. Let's not forgot to mention the different types of food you get to encounter. Oh, my poor wallet! I've become obsessed with Google Maps Engine and have made way too many maps for my own good. There goes my wallet again with all the planning! I also get the opportunity to meet amazing people, of which I have become good friends with. I currently have friends living in 7 countries and it is a mini goal of mine to expand that list as I would love to meet more so that I may visit and tour around even more and learn about many different cultures.


Obsessed. I am obsessed with video games and even more obsessed with my favourite ones.  Super Mario was my first boyfriend! I grew up with Nintendo and then moved to Playstation and I've stuck with them ever since. My PS1 and PS2 consoles are safely tucked in somewhere under my bed with their games. I still use my PS3 for certain games and now my PS4 is the only thing that keeps me sane. I currently have my eye on the Nintendo Switch to add to my collection. Let's not start any console wars, people. I enjoy them all. It's just all my money currently goes to one side lol. Some of my favourite franchises are Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Ratchet & Clank, Spyro the Dragon, Psychonauts, Tekken, Tomb Raider, The Sims, God of War, Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Final Fantasy, Life is Strange, Uncharted, The Last of Us and so much more! Special mention to the amazing hidden object games sold on Big Fish Games! Special special mention to mobile games as well. I love my game collection and I'll never tire of replaying any of them.


I love taking pictures of everything around me. Back in 2006, I taught myself how to use a camera in its manual settings and I never looked back. You will always find me to be the one taking pictures of everybody at a large party or even at just a small gathering of friends. I'm all about landscapes as well. Thank goodness I have friends who love to pose. I'm mad about cameras!

& much more!

A collector of books, keychains, magnets, figurines, plushies and Starbucks mugs/tumblers and collector's editions of games (if my wallet doesn't protest back). I hope to have a mini library in my own home someday.

I love to travel. I love music. I love photography. I love food. I love social media. I love my PS4.

If you actually read all of that...yay! Now you know me a little bit more. Say hello anytime! :)

Design credits:

Watercolor Photoshop Brush in the header by Sandy on
Passport and Makeup Photoshop brushes in the header by Obsidian Dawn
Camera Photoshop brush in the header by tiffcali06 on DeviantArt
Sunglass and Shoes Photoshop brush in the header by PrettyLadySwag
Font used in the header & logo is Harrlems by HRDR
My personal emoji made in the Bitmoji App

Maha • Clouds of Mochi
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[name=Maha • Clouds of Mochi] [img=] [description=Maha is always glued to her laptop trying to catch up on a gazillion TV shows or is playing a hidden object game. Somehow, she manages to unglue herself but then will transfer to her PS4. When she isn’t doing either of those things, you will find her out in the wild foraging in Sephora & clothing shops looking for spoils to bring home. Believe it not, she does many other things as well. A lover of all things fashion, beauty, travel, food, video games, music, photography & collecting Funko Pop! figurines. Why "Clouds of Mochi" you ask? One is obsessed with eating mochis. One loves mochis very much.] (youtube= (instagram= (twitter= (facebook= (tumblr= (bloglovin=

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